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Frequently Asked Questions

This information is intended to provide answers to questions most often asked during the employment application process.

General Questions

    • How to apply for positions at Saia?

      The first time you visit our online Career Opportunity Center, search for a position by location or position type, and then create a Username and Password. Be sure to record your Username and Password for future reference. You will need information regarding your address, education and employment history, plus any information relevant to the position you are applying to (i.e. license number for driver applicants). All required information will be asterisked (*).

    • Driver applicants

      Click in the “Drivers Apply Now” section of the sidebar to review information important to driver applicants, including requirements, run information, and average pay. You can then continue to apply for a driving position.

    • Your Username and Password

      Click on “Candidate Login” if you are returning to update or to complete an existing application. Creating a Username and Password saves your applications. If you are logged out due to too much time elapsing when completing an application, you can sign back in using your Username and Password and complete your application. When you login, you can view your active application, update an application, or apply for additional positions.

    • If you forget your Username and Password

      Click on “Candidate Login” and click the FIND button on the login screen. Enter the email address you provided when you created your Username and click “Submit”. Your Username and Password will be emailed to you.

    • Application errors

      If you experience an error when completing the application, scroll to the top of the page for the error message. Then scroll down to find the red question mark(s) (?). This error message will refer to the question(s) with the question mark(s) (?) that has turned red and explain what needs to be done to correct the error. Typical errors include not answering required questions or entering your answer in the wrong format. Be sure all required fields are completed and are formatted as requested.

    • Your application

      Completed applications are submitted to a hiring manager and will remain active for 60 days. Should you have a need; Saia will provide assistance to complete the application upon request.

    • For technical support

      Need technical assistance filling out the application? Select “Technical Support” from the menu to email your question or concern.

    • Your information is safe

      Saia uses Verisign™ to verify that your private information is secure. This information is maintained in a secure environment and will not be shared with unaffiliated third parties.