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Rates Effective: 01-05-2015
All rates are based upon tariff: SAIA5700X
Information must be accurate for a correct rate.
If volume of shipment exceeds 10 standard pallet spaces or 16' of vehicle used, contact the truckload department.
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Standard Charges
COD Amount   $ Single Shipment
Arrival Notice / Set Appointment Marking or Tagging
Limited Access on Pickup Limited Access on Delivery
Liftgate Service at Pickup Liftgate Service at Delivery
In-Bond Charge Inside Delivery
Excessive Length (16') Hazardous Materials
Residential Delivery Sort and/or Segregate

This list does not contain all Saia Standard Charges only the most frequently used.
For all charges please refer to the current Saia 170 Rules & Special Charges.

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