Web Services

Setup Requirements

Saia Web Services require secure information. You must be registered for Saia Secure and the account must have a valid Contact Name, Local Phone Number. To register click the Login/Register Link on the top right of the Saia Home Page and complete required information. To update account information please login to SaiaSecure and click the Update Account Information link on the SaiaSecure home page.

General Programming Overview

All Request must contain a form field of "Authorization" with a valid Saia Secure login and password separated by a : encoded using Base64 encoding.

All return elements are case sensitive to ensure compatibility with existing programming languages.

Adding the <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> prefix on the first line of the XML document is not mandatory however it is common practice. All Response XML Documents will contain this prefix.

When programming against Saia's XML Documents do not access the elements based on their position within the document. Access the element by name only. Saia reserves the right to add new elements into this document at any location based on customer requests and requirements.

Web Service URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

Below are two URL links you can use to access Saia's Image Retrieval Web Service.

Request Document - Get Images <Getimginfo1>

Post to one of the URL entries listed above where the xxxxxxxxxxx QueryString value is replaced with the Saia Pro number of the shipment documents to retrieve. The Saia Pro number is the only recognized "refNumber" supported. You can include Weight Certificates (if one or more exists for the refNumber) to the images returned by adding &WC=Yes to the URL as shown in the second URL listed above. The Weight Certificates are generated in TIF format.

As part of the request posted there must be present a form variable named "Authorization" that contains a Base64 encoded concatenated string of the Saia Secure user id, : , and password. If this is not present or invalid the request will be rejected.

Response Document - Get Images <Response>

Below is a list of the elements and descriptions used to read a <Response> document/object returned by our system to verify your request document/object has been processed successfully and to retrieve the image pages requested.

Element / Parameter Type Required MaxLength Description
<Info> Array Yes 1 Document Name
  <Image> Array Yes No Limit Shipment Document imaged page
   <docType> String Yes 3 Doc Type Abbreviation: Valid values include "BOL", "POD", "WGT".
   <docTypeName> String Yes 20 Descriptive Name of Document Type Abbreviation
   <imagePageNum> Integer Yes 3,0 Page number of image with this document.
   <imageFormat> String Yes 3 Will be one of the standard image formats. GIF, TIF, JPG.
   <imageUrl> String Yes 128 The internet Url of the image file on the host server.
  </Image> Array Yes No Limit Shipment Document imaged page
</Info> Array Yes 1 Document Name

Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS/SSL) optional

To add additional internet security use the "HTTPS://" prefix instead of "HTTP://". This will encrypt and decrypt each request between systems using standard SSL Certificates.

Sample Application Code

Below is a sample of programming with a general overview of each interface.


Error Code Documentation

Below is a general overview of Saia Error <Code>'s with descriptions to verify successful completion of requests.

††<Code>†† Description
9 Internet communication error.

The initial web service request failed to find the web service host. This could be caused by our server being down or internet connectivity outage. Please try again in a few minutes. If it has worked before this should correct itself.
99 No XML document returned

The call to the web service did not return a response. Maybe be caused by an internet outage or host outage. Try again in a few minutes this issue should resolve itself.
1 Freight bill --- not found in Saia's system.

The Saia Pro number does not exist. Please check the pro number for accuracy. Do not send the check digit as part of the pro number only the 11 digit pro number.
1 Freight bill --- is not numeric.

Saia Pro number can only contain numbers. Check the pro number for correctness.
1 Unrecoverable system error.

Try again at a later time. If 1st time trying, try the test code with your credentials and pro number to verify connectivity.
1 Unable to allocate system resources due to system congestion.

System too busy try again.
1 Unavailable invoice dated prior to 8/1/2003

Invoices are only available back to 8/1/2003 when invoice imaging was implemented.
1 Unavailable Guaranteed Select contracts prior to 9/1/2003.

Guaranteed select contracts are only available back to 9/1/2003 when contract imaging was implemented.
3 User id failed validation.

Make sure the user id you are sending is correct and verify it is encoded using Base64 encoding. Make sure is it separated from the password by a : "colon".
4 Password failed validation.

Make sure the password you are sending is correct and verify it is encoded using Base64 encoding. Make sure is it separated from the user id by a : "colon".

Additional Web Service Documentation Resources

Below is a list of external websites which contain more information on creating and consuming Web Services.


Saia Inc. authorizes the use of these Web Services solely to facilitate the exchange of information between Saia and the customer. Unauthorized use of Saia, Inc. Web Services and information is strictly prohibited. All services may be used for lawful purposes only. No warranty, express or implied, is given relating to the accuracy of content and Saia, Inc. does not accept any liability for error or omission.

Saia Inc. reserves the right to refuse or cancel these services at itís sole discretion. If any terms or conditions are failed to be followed, results constitute grounds for immediate account deactivation.