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April 15, 2009
Saia Improves Transit Times; Offers More Direct Coverage

Saia, Inc. (NASDAQ: SAIA) has reduced transit times from the company's Atlanta terminal to facilities located in the states of: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin. The change means that customers will receive a one-day improvement in delivery times on freight moving between almost 1.5 million ZIP code pairs.

In addition to this new improvement, Saia has also enhanced service to over 800 ZIP codes in the states of Texas and Louisiana. Both improvements follow on transit time advances implemented late last year.

Even with both of these improvements, Saia will continue to provide 97 percent plus on-time service. Reasons for the reduction in transit times include improved density in these lanes, allowing for more direct moves, coupled with technology implementation.

"We are pleased to see growth in lanes to and from previous acquisitions," said Saia President and CEO Rick O'Dell. "We have improved service and reduced handling through network optimization."

About Saia, Inc.

Saia, Inc. (NASDAQ: SAIA) is a less-than-truckload provider of regional, interregional and guaranteed services covering 34 states. Saia is home to the industry-leading Xtreme Guarantee product, which guarantees total customer satisfaction from pick-up through invoicing. Saia offers complete North American coverage through partner agreements. With headquarters in Johns Creek, Ga., and a network of 148 terminals, the carrier employs 7,400 people. For more information on Saia, visit the Saia Website at